928 Central Gathering

On Wednesday, March 27th, I will be facilitating a workshop on Operational Strategy for the 928 Central Gathering from 9-11 am. This is free to nonprofit leaders (staff and/or Board members). Please share this with anyone you know who might benefit.

What is 928 Central?

If you’re not familiar with 928 Central, it is a monthly gathering that takes place at Christ’s Church of Flagstaff from 9-11 am – usually the last Wednesday of the month. Each gathering includes an informational talk or workshop as well as a highlight presentation about a local nonprofit. Quality Connections will be sharing more information about what they do before I facilitate. There is also time for networking.
Best of all – they have breakfast and coffee provided by Brandy’s!

RSVP to Attend

Please RSVP to 928central@928central.org so that they know how many people to plan on for food.
Operational Strategy workshop facilitated by Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom on March 27 at 928 Central. RSVP by emailing 928central at 928 central dot org.

Want to know more about what I will be teaching?

Most nonprofits would love to see a big boost in fundraising dollars. At least hypothetically. But are you ready for success? Do you have a stable foundation? Investing in marketing or fundraising support can be like adding a motor to your mountain bike, but if your bike is pointed towards a canyon edge or has a loose axle, that boost could lead to a crash. In this session we’ll do a quick safety check on the fundamentals of your organization and dive into what else you can do with your team before you invest in an outside consultant or go after that big grant.

Let’s Connect

Would you like to talk about operational strategy for your organization? Grab a time below to talk about how your organization could have a stronger operational foundation.