Have you tried out ChatGPT or any of the other large language models that are now available?

I’ve been experimenting with different tasks in chatGPT since about October 2023.

One thing that it is surprisingly good for is to serve as a thought partner for reflecting on how a project went. I often facilitate this type of retrospective with my team, but sometimes I am working alone and can use an AI thought partner to help me.

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Here is the prompt I used for post-facilitation reflection:

PROMPT: I facilitated team building for a local company. I want to make sure I capture any lessons from this experience before I move on with other work. What type of questions should I reflect on to capture lessons learned?

Here is the response I got:

Certainly, Sharon! Reflecting on your team building facilitation experience is a great way to learn and improve. Here are some questions to help you capture valuable lessons:

1. What were the specific goals and objectives of this team building session?
2. Did the session achieve its intended outcomes? If not, what could have been done differently?
3. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the activities and exercises used during the team building?
4. How did the participants engage with the activities? Were there any unexpected reactions?
5. Did you encounter any challenges during the facilitation? How were they addressed?
6. How well did the team members collaborate and communicate during the session?
7. Did you observe any moments of breakthrough or transformation within the team?
8. Were there any valuable insights or learnings shared by the participants?
9. How did your facilitation style align with Bloom Facilitation’s principles and values?
10. Did you receive feedback from the client or participants? What were their thoughts on the experience?

These questions should help you reflect on your recent team building facilitation and gather insights for future sessions. If you have any specific details or incidents you’d like to discuss, feel free to share them, and we can delve deeper into the lessons learned. 😊🌸

What do you think? Do you think the questions provided would help you capture lessons learned? Would you consider using an AI tool in this way?


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